Honda GROM 186cc Big Bore Power Package

Item 1 - Honda GROM / MSX 125 Ported Cylinder Head with High Performance multi angle valve job, heavy duty valve springs and oversize valves.

Increase the flow of your cylinder head for more power and torque. This is a perfect compliment to the big bore kits already available for the GROM / MSX 125 as well as stock engines just looking for more power.

Included in this service is the following:
- Remove Valves/Springs
- Beadblast Combustion Chamber
- Port / Flow Cylinder Head with HP valve job
- Install New Valve Seals
- Install Oversize Valves/Heavy Duty Springs

Item 2 - 186cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit 

This is the largest bore kit on the market and is as big as you can go without having to bore your cases.  It includes the following parts:

- An all aluminum ceramic plated 64mm cylinder. This cylinder is lighter than a steel sleeved aluminum cylinder, reduces friction (increasing power), improves sealing, and provides better heat transfer (runs and cools down quicker).

- High quality 64mm piston kit that include rings, wrist pin and clips.  The pistons are CNC machined to exacting tolerances.

- Top end gasket kit

- Oil Cooler is available but not included in this package

Item 3 - High Performance Camshaft

This camshaft has more lift and more duration than the stock camshaft to make more power in the effective RPM range that the GROM engines prefer. More fuel/air mixture to be burned and more exhaust flowing out equals more power. If you are trying to extract every last bit of power from your GROM you will need one of these to do it.
This item (as well as any other camshaft) will require adjustment of the valves to the correct tolerances. Installation by a mechanic is recommended.

Honda GROM 186cc Big Bore Power Package
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  • Item #: HGBBP
  • Manufacturer: JC Racing
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