Lightened Flywheel / Oil Spinner Honda GROM (Choose Options)


This is a Complete Lightened Flywheel / Oil Spinner for the Honda GROM. Simply remove your old Flywheel / Oil Spinner and replace with these performance units. Faster acceleration, increased transfer of power to the rear wheel, and better engine braking.

The Flywheel And/Or Oil Spinner is lightened according to our specs and has as much material taken off to stay within safe limits to avoid any failures at high rpm use.

If you are shipping your Flywheel And/Or Oil Spinner (Customers Core) to us there is only a 1 day turnaround once we receive your core (Flywheel  And/Or Oil Spinner will ship back to you the next business day after we receive it)

If you select the No Core option, you dont have to send us your Flywheel / Oil Spinner. A pre lightened one will be shipped to you and all you do is replace yours with it. You may contact us by email within 30 days if you are interested in selling us back your stock core.

Lightened Flywheel / Oil Spinner Honda GROM (Choose Options)
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  • Item #: JCLFG
  • Manufacturer: JC Racing
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