Nitrous Adapter Billet Aluminum

This item is a 6061 Billet Aluminum nitrous adapter for your ATV. It is made to be used on WET nitrous systems between your cylinder head and the carb / throttle body. Some nitrous kits require you to drill and tap the cylinder head to install the nozzle, this eliminates that problem with an adapter that is already drilled, tapped, and hardcoated black. If you ever decide to remove your nitrous system to sell the ATV then simply remove this adapter and reinstall your carb with the stock rubber clamp.

You will need to source your own hose as each ATV will require different lengths depending on the frame application.

The adapter is threaded the most common used nozzle size at 3/8"x 24 but if you want another size or dual holes for 2 nozzle setups just let us know.



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Nitrous Adapter Billet Aluminum
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  • Item #: JCNA01
  • Manufacturer: JC Racing
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